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Rockford Combustion specializes in ventless valve train designs to improve factory safety and enhance burner operations. Ventless systems ensure stable year-round operating conditions, regardless of the weather.

About Ventless Valve Trains

Standard Valve Train iconVent lines are a potential failure point. Vents must be inspected regularly by maintenance staff for leaks or blockages. When given a choice, always go with ventless components. Unless valve safety train components are listed as “ventless,” vent lines are necessary. Vent lines must be correctly engineered, installed, and routed to appropriate and approved locations to be effective. Simply installing vent piping is often insufficient. Even when vent lines are properly installed, building pressures can vary sufficiently, preventing optimal burner performance. Vent pipes are also filled with spiders, bees, and other nesting insects. Once plugged, the lines impede the escape of gasses, leading to a potentially explosive gas build-up inside the facility.

  • 7 Standard Sizes
  • Designs Compliant with NFPA, UL, FM
  • Ventless to 7.25 PSIG, NEMA 12, 5°F to 140°F
  • 3-D Models / 2-D Certified Drawings / Pre-Approved Designs
  • Standard Options
    • Left/Right Handed
    • NEMA 4
    • Pilot Segment
    • Gauges
    • Valve Proving
  • Common Upgrades
    • CSA
    • 10 PSIG Ventless
    • Weatherization to -20°F
    • Standing Frame and Knockdown Frame Kit
    • Leak Test Kit

Easy to Configure

Rockford Combustion offers a wide array of standard fuel valve trains from .5” to 2” with capacities up to 7,500 SCFH* and pre-designed units with capabilities up to 22,500 SCFH. With over 120,000 pre-engineered solutions to choose from – all of which are stocked and assembled in the Midwest and comply with applicable North American safety codes – Rockford Combustion can quickly supply or replace an entire fuel valve train with our Stallion Quick Ship Program.

In Stock

Valve trains include the pilot segment, the inlet segment, the outlet segment, and the safety segment.  Standard components of all fuel valve train sizes include regulators, in-line strainers, dual-safety shut-off valves, manual isolation valves, pressure switches, and test fittings. All assemblies are powder-coated and pressure tested. Optional components consist of leak-test systems, gauges, and pilot gas controls.

All Rockford Combustion industrial-grade components are ventless, wired to universally accept 50 or 60Hz control systems, and accommodate operating fuel and ambient temperatures anywhere from 14°F to 140°F. Optional features, such as lockable valves, valve proving, flexible compensators, pilot-line assemblies, 230V controls, and climatizing to -20°F, are also available. Standard valve trains are also importable as 3D models for customers’ CAD systems.

Quick Ship Program

Eliminate production bottlenecks with the fastest fulfillment in the industry. Your organization will have the equipment it needs in two weeks.
Are extended lead times causing costly production delays?
Valve trains are often the last element engineered and ordered, yet among the first needed for production, creating a production bottleneck. If your supplier is late, your equipment delivery further suffers.

The Stallion Quick Ship Program is a focused-delivery program that is simple, fast, and dependable for the most popular combustion safety products.
We can quickly supply or replace an entire valve train with over 120,000 pre-engineered solutions – all stocked and assembled in the Midwest and compliant with applicable North American safety codes.

3 Shipping Options
Rockford Systems offers three shipping options to get the products and services you need when you need them:
•  Stallion Quick Ship Program – 2 Weeks Delivery: pre-engineered valve trains up to 2”
•  Standard Delivery – Under 4 Weeks Delivery: pre-engineered valve trains up to 4.”
•  Best-In-Class Delivery – Customized, build-to-spec valve trains

Ventless Benefits

•  Saves on total installation costs
•  Ensures fail-safe emergency response
•  Removes leaky building penetrations
•  Improves installation access
•  Prevents blocked terminations

What is the #1 Cause
of Installation Errors?


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