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Rockford Combustion provides a variety of combustion safety training
designed to meet your organization’s needs.

Workshops hosted onsite at our location or workshops at your location. 

Workshops meet mandatory annual training requirements for NFPA 54, 56, 85/ASME CSD-1 and 86.
Earn Annual PDH  (Professional Development Hours)

Available Workshops


Our Mission Is to Help Save Lives.  Human Error is the #1 cause of unsafe conditions.
Many personnel are not adequately trained in the safe startup, shutdown, and hazard awareness of combustion equipment, daily operations, and proper testing or maintenance procedures. Combustion training provides the knowledge necessary for plant personnel to better operate, troubleshoot, inspect, repair, and maintain fuel-fired equipment.


  • Understand ASME CSD-1 (2015 Edition) – Applies to boilers up to 12,499,000 Btu/hour
  • Understand NFPA 85 (2019 Edition) – Applies to boilers 12,500,000 Btu/hour and greater
  • Understand Typical Interlocks and Safety Devices, including Fuel-Train Burners, Burner
  • Management Logic, Boiler Interlocks, and Fuel-Oil Specifics
  • Learn about NFPA 54 Gas Piping less than 125 psig
  • Learn about NFPA 56 Gas Piping greater than 125 psig
  • Understand NFPA 85 (2019 Edition) – Boiler and Combustion Systems Hazard Code
  • Understand NFPA 86 (2019 Edition) – Standard for Ovens and Furnaces

Hands-On Learning

  • Onsite and remote training offers hands-on learning opportunities

  • Attendees learn the various components of a valve train using our valve train simulator

Travel Information

• Chicago O’Hare International Airport (ORD)

Approx 70-mile drive NW to Rockford Training Center
• Chicago Midway Airport (MDW)
Approx 85-mile drive NW to Rockford Training Center
• Milwaukee Mitchell International Airport (MKE)
Approx 85-mile drive SW to Rockford Training Center

Airport Shuttle Bus Available


2023 Dates

  • April 18-20  NFPA 86 Workshop
  • June 6-8  NFPA 86, Atlanta, GA 
  • July 18-20  NFPA 86 Workshop
  • August 29-30  NFPA 85/ASME CSD-1 Workshop
  • September 26-28  NFPA 86, Los Angeles, CA 
  • October 24-26  NFPA 86 Workshop

    Offsite workshops available upon request at any time.

Training Instructor

The workshop is led by Chuck Campbell, an industrial combustion safety expert with over 40 years of field training experience. Our instructor, Mr. Chuck Campbell, is well-qualified, having 40-plus years of combustion experience. Chuck began working in the Navy as an engineer for 21 years. Chuck then worked as an operations manager for Arcelor Mittal Metal and as the training department manager at CEC before becoming the Director of Training at Rockford Combustion in 2020. Chuck’s most significant career accomplishment is giving back safety to the people and teaching people how to operate equipment safely. The saying that Chuck lives by is, “Don’t do what you don’t know.”

Training Center

All training courses are held at our Rockford, Illinois, training center, 70 miles northwest of Chicago O’Hare Airport.

Rockford Systems, LLC
DBA Rockford Combustion
5795 Logistics Parkway
Rockford, IL 61109

Rockford Area Hotel Accomodations

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The Rockford Combustion expert training professional, Chuck Campbell, has educated thousands of people, including EHS, Department, Division Managers, Supervisors, Risk & Insurance Personnel, and skilled trades such as MTE, MTM, and Operators. Training helps create a safer working environment by educating employees about best practices in compliance with NFPA and other safety standards.

Proper training applies to many industries, including Asphalt – Oil/Gas Burners, Automotive – Air Houses and Air Handlers, Automotive – Paint, Automotive – Power Houses, Breweries – Boilers, Process Equipment, Facilities, Utilities, Building Materials – Shingles, Wood, Saw Mills, Processes, Paper Pulp, College Campuses, Crematoriums, Energy – Ethanol Boilers, Food & Beverage – Boilers, Utilities, Facilities, Ovens, Dryers, Air Handlers, Furnace OEM, Glass Manufacturers, Mining – Gypsum, Municipalities, Oil Refineries, Tank Heaters, Oven OEM, Pharma, Power Plants – Co-Gen Plants, Steel Tire Manufacturers, Tobacco, Waste Water & Sewer Treatment Plants, and many more.

Talk to Our Experts! Workshops are Available at Your Location

Please contact our training experts for pricing and to schedule this workshop at your location at your convenience.