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Markets plastic bottle

Plastic Bottle Production

Operators in this industry manufacturer a range of bottles from various plastic based compounds based on their end use.  These bottles are then sold to beverage, food and chemical manufacturers to use as packaging for soft drinks, milk, condiments and household and automotive chemicals.

Markets Paint Manufacturing

Paint Manufacturing

The Paint Manufacturing industry manufactures various paints, timber finishes and other surface coating products to decorate and protect surfaces against wear, weather and corrosion. Key products include paints, varnishes, lacquers and stains, as well as fillers, putties and paint thinners and removers. This industry does not manufacture artists’ paint.

Markets Iron Manufacturing

Iron Manufacturing

Companies in this industry manufacture pig iron, steel and ferroalloys. Pig iron is often manufactured in a blast furnace or via newer direct-reduction methods. Steel may be manufactured in basic oxygen furnaces (newly made steel) or in electric arc furnaces (recycled steel).

Markets Wastewater Treatment

Wastewater & Sewage Treatment

This industry operates sewage systems or sewage treatment facilities that collect, treat and dispose of waste. The industry includes both public and private sector operators.

Markets Glass Production

Tempered Glass Production

Companies in this industry produce a wide range of glass products by melting silica sand or cullet and fabricating purchased glass. The industry includes four segments: flat glass manufacturing, including laminated glass; pressed or blown glass and glassware; glass container manufacturing, including bottles and jars.

Markets Tire Production

Tire Production

This industry manufactures aircraft and motor vehicle tires, inner tubes and tire repair materials. The finished products are then sold to aircraft and motor vehicle manufacturers and tire wholesalers.

Markets Drywall Manufacturing

Drywall Manufacturing

Operators in this industry manufacture gypsum products, such as wallboard, plasters, moldings, statuaries and architectural plaster work. Gypsum product manufacturers may mine, quarry or purchase natural or synthetic gypsum for use in the manufacturing of goods.

Markets Industrial Oven

Industrial Ovens

Industrial ovens are used for a variety of industrial applications such as curing, drying, annealing, tempering, or baking of components, parts, or final products. These oven can be used for both small and large-volume applications, in batches or continuously, with the help of a conveyor line.

Markets Breweries


The Breweries industry primarily produces alcoholic beverages made from malted barley and hops such as beer, malt liquor and nonalcoholic beer. This industry excludes wine, brandy, cider and distilled beverages such as vodka and rum.

Markets Industrial Furnace

Industrial Furnaces

Industrial furnaces refer to enclosed equipment or device used for melting or heating metals to change the material properties via heat treatment or to change the shape of metals through rolling, forging, and other such methods.

Markets Paper Processing

Pulp & Paper Processing

The segment of industry involving the manufacture of pulp, such as kraft and sulfite pulps, and paper, such as fine papers, coarse papers, and specialty papers.

Markets Automotive Painting 1

Automotive Painting

Automotive paint is referred to as a water-based formula, which is sprayed on automobile surface with the assistance of a spray gun. These paints consist of polyurethane-based enamel, which protects the surface from environmental damages, thus enhancing aesthetics of motor vehicles.

Markets Ethenol Production

Ethanol Production

Ethanol can be manufactured by both natural as well as petrochemical feedstocks. In the natural process, natural sugars are fermented in the presence of yeast. Ethylene production is increasing owing to the rise in shale gas production.

Markets College Campus

College Campuses

This industry includes public and private universities and colleges that offer academic courses and grant baccalaureate or graduate degrees. The requirement for admission is a high school diploma or equivalent general academic training.

Markets Shingles

Shingles Manufacturing

Industry operators manufacture paving and roofing materials, including asphalt and tar-paving mixtures and blocks, shingles, roofing cements and coatings. These products are produced from purchased asphaltic materials, paper mats and felts.