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FFA 10 Series – Flexfire® Burner

Product features:

Flexfire® Air Burner

  • Fuel type: natural gas
  • Combustion air: fresh air
  • Power range: 600-9000KW
  • Maximum temperature: 1600℃Designed for glass application
    Low NOx emission
    Unique adjustment mechanism for adjusting flame length
Product Description

Introducing FF-Flexfire®, the innovative burner solution from Anderson Thermal Solutions. As a registered trademark, the FFA 10 Series stands out as a patented burner, showcasing the pinnacle of cutting-edge technology in the combustion industry. Renowned for its high flame radiation efficiency and adjustable flame length, this burner offers a versatile solution that adapts seamlessly to various applications. What sets FF-Flexfire® apart is its user-friendly design, ensuring simple operation and unparalleled convenience for maintenance. Perfectly suited for glass melting processes, this burner is the epitome of efficiency, providing an ideal solution for industries that prioritize both performance and ease of use. Elevate your operations with FF-Flexfire® – where innovation meets simplicity for optimal results. FF-Flexfire® is a registered trademark of Anderson Thermal Solutions, and FFA 10 Series is a patented burner.

  • FF-Flexfire® is a registered trademark of Anderson Thermal Solutions
  • FFA 10 is a patented burner, with high performance, special designed for glass furnace. The flame length and heat release position are adjustable by adjusting mechanism on burner

Technical Data

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