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    2-Day NFPA 85 and ASME Boiler Applications Workshop


    NEED NEW COURSE OVERVIEW This two (2) Day Workshop is an introduction or a refresher class for professionals operating or maintaining boiler systems. A wide range of boiler system components includes safety valves, feed pumps, fuel gas trains, burners, and auxiliaries such as Deaerator & Makeup systems. Combustion safety interlocks, valve tightness testing, and Burner…

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    3-Day Anaheim, CA Combustion Safety Workshop


    COURSE OVERVIEW Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to learn from industry experts! This 3-Day offering will help you & your staff meet your annual training code requirement (NFPA 86, NFPA 85, ASME-CSD-1, and NFPA 54*), while also enhancing abilities to troubleshoot & test/tune equipment, recognize hidden safety hazards and streamline overall maintenance practices….

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    3-Day NFPA 86 Combustion Applications Workshop


    COURSE OVERVIEW This Three (3) Day Workshop provides an in-depth knowledge of NFPA 86 combustion safety and equipment and a detailed overview of combustion equipment fundamentals. Day Two builds beyond the basics by offering practical application knowledge using simulators and props and providing troubleshooting tips. MODULES: DAY 1 • Combustion System Basics • Equipment Fuel…