Standard Valve Trains

Poorly designed or inadequately maintained trains have led to catastrophic explosions, fires, asphyxia and burns, multi-million dollar loses, injuries and fatalities.  Let us help your organization improve safety with expert design and manufacture of over 60,000 standard valve trains.

About Valve Trains

It isn’t necessary for a safety professional to know every engineered component of a valve safety train, but you should be aware of what it does and why it demands your organization’s attention. Essentially, a valve safety train controls the flow of fuel into thermal processing equipment. By controlling the desired ratio of fuel and air, the connected burner then properly oxidizes the mixture, safely releasing the energy needed to heat your furnaces, boilers, HVAC heaters, thermal oxidizers and other equipment. In turn, the thermal process equipment performs critical production tasks such as drying gypsum boards, roasting and baking foods, heat-treating metals, fluid heating, and pollution control.

Valve trains (or “fuel trains” or “gas trains”) are complex and comprised of a series of components, each dependent on the last. Even the most basic combustion safety system will feature safety shut-off valves, manual shut-off valves, high- and low-pressure switches, pressure taps, and in-line strainers. Add to this regulators, valve leak-test systems, diagnostic gauges, and pilot accessories and you quickly recognize the potential for missing parts either by design or accident.  Don’t risk combustion safety. 

Rockford Combustion Solutions provides expert design and manufacture of over 60,000 standard valve trains, ready to ship. 

Fuel trains are manufactured to meet or exceed NFPA, NEMA, NEC, CSA, UL, FM and other globally-recognized safety standards.

Over 60,000 Options

Easy to Configure

Rockford Combustion Solutions offers a wide array of standard fuel valve trains from ½” to 2” with standard capacities up to 7,500 SCFH*, and pre-designed units with capacities up to 22,500 SCFH. With over 60,000 pre-engineered solutions to choose from – all of which are stocked and assembled in the Midwest and comply with applicable North American safety codes – Rockford Combustion Solutions can quickly supply or replace an entire fuel valve train with our Stallion Quick Ship Program.

In Stock

Standard segments of valve trains include the pilot segment, the inlet segment, the outlet segment and the safety segment.  Standard components of all fuel valve trains sizes include: regulators, in-line strainers, dual-safety shut-off valves, manual-isolation valves, pressure switches, and test fittings. All assemblies are powder coated and pressure tested. Optional components consist of leak-test systems, gauges and pilot gas controls.

All Rockford Combustion Solutions industrial-grade components are ventless, wired to universally accept 50 or 60Hz control systems, and accommodate operating fuel and ambient temperatures anywhere from 14°F to 140°F. Optional features such as, lockable valves, valve proving, flexible compensators, pilot-line assemblies, 230V controls, and climatizing to -20°F, are also available. Standard valve trains are also importable as 3D models for customers’ CAD systems.

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