Stallion Quick Ship Program

Are extended lead times causing costly production delays?

Valve trains are often the last element engineered and ordered, yet among the first needed for production, creating a production bottleneck.If your supplier is late, your equipment delivery further suffers. 

Eliminate bottlenecks with the Stallion Quick Ship Program from Rockford Combustion Solutions. Your organization will have the combustion safety equipment it needs in a matter of days, thereby improving planning, productivity and profitability for your organization.

The Stallion Quick Ship Program is a focused-delivery program that is simple, fast and dependable for the most popular combustion safety products.

With over 60,000 pre-engineered solutions to choose from – all of which are stocked and assembled in the Midwest and comply with applicable North American safety codes – we can quickly supply or replace an entire valve train.

3 Shipping Options

Rockford Systems offers three shipping options to get the products and services you need, when you need them:

Stallion Quick Ship Program
1 Week Delivery: pre-engineered valve trains up to 2”

Standard Delivery
Under 4 Weeks Delivery: pre-engineered valve trains up to 4”

Best-In-Class Delivery
Customized, build-to-spec valve trains
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