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15 Minutes To Save Your Life

Equipment Pre-Start Walk-Around A. Review control panel lights, markings, and internal wiring. Look for jumpers across terminals and relays that may be blocked/jammed open. B. Review all safety interlock switch settings to make sure they appear reasonable (as per marked settings). C. Review all valves (manual gas cocks and safety shut-off valves) to make sure they are in the proper position prior to start-up (i.e. safety shut-off valve visual indication shows closed). D. Review that all sensing lines to interlock switches, ratio regulators, and other devices are connected. E. Review all firebox and/or entrance doors to the combustion chamber or furnace/oven chamber to make sure

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11 Corrosion Questions to Ask

1. Is our underground piping system coated?
2. When was our underground carbon steel piping system installed?
3. Is the underground carbon steel piping insulated from above- ground piping?
4. Is underground carbon steel piping system being cathodically protected?

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Lubricated Plug Valve Maintenance

A lubricated plug valve is typically constructed of two pieces of metal, a plug (valve) and a body. The plug sits inside the body but is not in intimate contact. The plug has a hole through the middle and allows flow when the plug is turned so that the hole is oriented with the pipe flow direction downstream. A gas tight seal is created when a special sealant material is typically injected down through the fitting in the center of the valve stem.

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Fire has been known to man since the dawn of time.  First came starting it, then came stopping it, then came controlling it, and finally harnessing it in a safe and efficient manner. Fire has been known to man since the dawn of time, but for many ages it was only a thing of danger – as forest fires, volcanic eruptions, and the like – because man could not control it. The first step in controlling fire was starting it, and the next step was stopping it.  When man learned these two tricks, he began to make good use of

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