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For High-Temperature Thermal Processing

Partner with a trusted and reliable partner that can provide complete combustion solutions by offering both combustion burners and tailored refractory solutions. By leveraging Rockford Combustion’s expertise, you ensure precise burner configurations and Plibrico’s high- quality refractory materials tailored to your furnace’s requirements.

Your All-in-One Complete Combustion Systems Solution

Refractories and burners work in tandem to create an environment that facilitates efficient combustion and
protecting the surrounding equipment from the intense heat and by-products of combustion. Their synergistic
relationship is essential for maintaining operational efficiency, prolonging equipment lifespan, and ensuring safety in high-temperature applications.

Consistent Heat, Better Products: It’s All About Burners

Burners play a pivotal role in generating and regulating the heat necessary for various industrial applications, from
metal processing to smelting. Efficient burner operation lies at the heart of thermal manufacturing processes, dictating the performance and reliability of furnace systems.

Data shows that around 70% of furnace failures are linked to improper burner configurations or inadequate refractory
materials. Ineffective burner operation not only undermines your furnace’s capacity to reach and maintain desired
temperatures but also wastes energy and increases operating costs.

  • Uneven heat distribution lead to compromised product quality and production delays.
  • Increased energy consumption from inefficient burner configurations.
  • Accelerated wear and tear on furnace components, resulting in frequent breakdowns and maintenance downtime.
Customers trust us to deliver:
  • Single-Source Responsibility: ensuring efficient project execution and streamlining communication.
  • Comprehensive Solutions: cohesive, industry compliant offerings, delivering improved productivity and energy efficiency.
  • Durability and Ease of Maintenance: integrated
    maintenance plans, assuring a more complete
    and proactive approach.

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